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Hunts — Exotics

Exotic hunting in Texas is a year round hunting opportunity. Axis, Black Buck and Aoudad are some of the smartest animals I have ever seen or hunted. Their eyesight and smell capabilities are incredible making for some of the most challenging hunts available. I have been hunting them for over 20+ years and continue to be amazed by their cunningness and ability to outwit even the best hunters! If you have never been on an exotic hunt, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Call us today to book an exotic hunt in Texas – (210) 445-2926.


Call (210) 445-2926 today to book your next exotic hunt with Hill Country Adventures.


ROGER DILLARD   EMAIL: hunt@hcadventures.com
PO Box 782273,   San Antonio, TX 78278   CELL: 210-445-2926