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Below is a list of frequently asked questions. Select a question to view the answers. If you have any questions not addressed on this page, email us at hunt@hcadventures.com.

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What hunting methods does Hill Country Adventures use?                                           
All of our ranches have been hand picked to ensure the greatest challenge. We also cater to the individual hunter by a variety of hunting methods, which include stalking, blinds, or vehicle.

We hunt whitetails utilizing a variety of methods. Portable tripod stands over fresh scrapes and travel routes, elevated tower stands over feeding areas, still hunting, rattling and on occasion out of a high rack 4X4 custom hunting vehicle.

Most hunts are guided one on one. No more than two hunters per guide is acceptable.


How do I book a hunt?                                                                                                  
If you see a hunt that you would like to be a part of then give us a call or email us. We will go over it in detail with you. Should you choose to book a hunt with us we will, upon receiving your deposit of 25% of the cost of the hunt, book the date(s). All deposits are non-refundable. Dates will be held for ten days pending the arrival of the deposit. After that it is a first come first serve basis. The balance of the hunt is to be paid by cash, cashiers check or travelers check on or before the first day of the scheduled hunt. All currency and checks should be from the United States of America.

Once we receive your deposit, we will send you confirmation of your hunt and dates booked. Approximately 30 days prior to your hunt you will receive a list of recommended gear, maps, important phone numbers, and information on travel, taxidermy, meat processing, etc. We do recommend you advise our staff (in writing) of your travel arrangements as soon as possible to avoid any confusion or unnecessary complications. For those flying into the San Antonio, Texas airport, a Hill Country Representative will be available to pick you up if you request this service. Others who will be driving in or renting a vehicle will be met at the appropriate lodge by one of our representatives. At the end of your trip those requiring shuttle service back to the San Antonio, Texas airport will be accommodated. Capes, meat and antlers will either be sent along with clients baggage or if client desires, we can take the trophies to a reputable local taxidermist. Meat may be processed here and shipped or donated to a charity.


Do I need special equipment?                                                                                 
We recommend scoped rifles sighted in at 200 yards of 25-06 caliber or larger shooting at least 120 grain bullets or heavier. High quality binoculars, scope covers, flashlight, face mask, full camouflage, rain gear, camo gloves, walking boots, ice chest (can be purchased after arrival, if necessary), camera, and hunting license(s).

Suggested calibers: 30-06, .270, .243, .25-06, and .308 are recommended for most species. .300 is recommended for Aoudad.


What is furnished?                                                                                                  
Most hunts are fully guided. Your guide will dress your game, skin and quarter. Caping of the head off the skull is extra. We will take your trophy to a reputable taxidermist if needed or freeze it so you can take it back with you. Fleshing and salting is also available at an additional charge.

Transportation to and from San Antonio, Texas airport is available upon request.

We will supply you with a list of local motels (when necessary) or make the reservations for you. Field lunches are provided (brown bag lunches) when we are too far from a town.

What is NOT furnished?                                                                                             
Hunting licenses, tips, personal gear (camouflage which is necessary), liquor, beer, and meals - other than field lunches.


Seasons & Dates                                                                                                        
Exotics - All species year round except for:
Fallow - August through February
Sika - September through February
Red Stag - August through February
Elk - August through February

Whitetail Deer - 2010
Special Youth Season - October 30 - 31and January 3 -16
North Zone (200 Counties) - November 6- January 2
South Texas (30 Counties) - November 6- January 16

Muledeer - 2010
Panhandle - November 20 - December 5
Southwestern Panhandle - November 20 - 28
Trans-Pecos - November 26 - December 12

Pronghorn Antelope - 2011
Texas – TBD

Fall Turkey - 2010
North Zone - November 6- January 2
South Zone - November 6- January 16

Spring Turkey - 2011 (South Zone)
4 Turkey Bag Limit - March 19- May 1
Special Youth Season - March 12-13, May 7- 8

October 30 - February 27

South Zone - September 17 - October 31 and December 25 - January 18

License fees?                                                                                                          

Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept. 800-792-1112

Non-resident general hunting license
$ 315.00
Non-resident special hunting license
(exotics only)
$ 132.00
Non-resident 5-day special hunting license
(5 consecutive days of hunting)
$   48.00
Non-resident spring turkey
$ 126.00

Children 17 and under hunting license

$    7.00


Weather Conditions?                                                                                            

September - December The weather in Texas is always unpredictable so one must be prepared for anything. September and October are still warm months with temperatures ranging from low to mid 80's in September and decreasing to the 70's in October. The average conditions for the month of November are morning lows from 35-45 warming up quickly into the 60's or low 70's. Light rains are possible and winds from 15-25 mph are common with the passage of frequent cold fronts. December is a more stable month with lows from 25-35 and afternoon highs in the 50's to 60's.

January - May January through March will find the highs and lows similar to December with greater chances of rain. The temperatures in March start to reach the low 70's. April and May are steady months with the temperatures in the low 60's in the mornings and afternoon highs reaching the low to mid 80's.

Layered clothing is advised for November through March hunting.


Other local attractions?                                                                                          
San Antonio offers many attractions. Among them are Fiesta Texas, Sea World, the Riverwalk and of course the Alamo.

20 miles to the North of San Antonio begins the Texas Hill Country. Boerne, Comfort and Fredricksburg offer many Bed and Breakfast facilities along with great antique shops.

New Braunfels and San Marcos are approximately 20 and 30 miles to the Northeast with plenty of Factory Outlet Malls, Schliterbaun (water park) and lodging on the Guadalupe river. River rafting and tubing are available from early spring to late fall.


Travel Tips                                                                                                           
Secure your airline tickets at least 6 weeks in advance of your travel dates. Hunters should arrive the afternoon before the first day of their hunt and leave the day following the end of their hunt. Hill Country Adventures will provide transportation to and from the airport for a fee of $150.

Obtain your hunting license in advance by mail.

Use soft duffel bags and stuff them inside a large 120 plus quart ice chest for the trip down. Carry your cameras and binoculars. Carry your guns in a hard case.

We can make arrangements ahead of time to get your meat processed, frozen or donated to a charitable organization. Also decide if you wish to have your trophies mounted here by a reputable taxidermist or shipped back home with you.


ROGER DILLARD   EMAIL: hunt@hcadventures.com
PO Box 782273,   San Antonio, TX 78278   CELL: 210-445-2926