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About Us

First and foremost we give God all the Glory for the success of this business and everything we do. We are a family owned business that love and serve our Lord, Jesus Christ.

I think the one thing that sets us apart is that we do very little advertising and we rely on repeat business to support our family. Therefore we go out of our way in great detail to make sure the customer, you, has a great experience as well as harvesting a trophy animal. My guides and I are strongly focused on harvesting mature trophy animals for our customers as opposed to an "ok" one. This is why we harvest so many Gold metal animials each year.

I think making memories is as important as harvesting your trophy. We are committed to your hunting success.

We look forward to hunting with you - Roger Dillard


Thank you for visiting
Hill Country Adventures.

We look forward to hunting with you.

Email us at hunt@hcadventures.com

ROGER DILLARD   EMAIL: hunt@hcadventures.com
PO Box 782273,   San Antonio, TX 78278   CELL: 210-445-2926